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Our customers are not master carpenters, they are diy'ers just like yourself who are looking for a simple weekend project to improve the look and value or their home.

Most importantly, our customers love the results and they tell us about it unsolicited. We are pleased to share their feedback with you.

"First of all I want to thank you for all your help. I received my moulding yesterday afternoon, painted it so it could dry over night. Installed today, caulked and touched paint. Easy and it looks great. My wife even likes the look. I discovered one thing on the last cut I made, I used a searated knife in miter board and it cuts alot smoother than a saw.

Thanks again!

C.D. Taylor
"Hello Mike:

Yep, it's me again. The kitchen that I was remodeling turned out great. The crown moulding went up smooth and easy. We are very pleased with Simple Crown. I am now in the process of remodeling our main bath. I plan on installing more of your crown moulding there as a finishing touch.

Could you send me a price quote on 7 pieces of 100L Savannah Colonial style 4 inch profile, with 5 inside corners, and 1 outside corner. Total cost including shipping. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

C. Gilman
"Mike I want to thank you for pre-cutting our beautiful crown molding. I have to tell you I'm taking all the credit for it. In closing I would recommend So Simple Crown to everyone as a superior product!

Thank you.

J. Nash


I received my order on Tuesday (4 business days). Everything was fine in shipping.

Today, I painted and installed the moldings. I used a Duron semi-gloss paint and it went on very well, requiring only 1 coat. The molding also went up very easy using the Alex Plus. Your inside corners were near perfect fit, and I was completely happy with the 2 end stops.

I have told many friends and relatives about the ease of installing your product and highly recommend it.

J. Rossbach
"Hi Mike,

The replacements arrived on time and they are up. We love the look and it will be even better when they all get painted next week.

Thanks for going the extra mile and cutting the pieces. I will certainly recommend you to others."

M. Faber
was wondering if you received our fax for the next order of molding. I finally figured it out the lay out. Thank god you sent an extra piece because one of the corners was cut in the wrong angle. It took about 5 hours but wow does it look great. Cant tell a difference from wood."

Michelle & John
"Hi Bobbi,

I just had to write to you to tell you that the three rooms I did in the crown molding came out beautiful.. It's unbelievable how much of a difference they have made in the rooms. And I did it all myself! Nobody who has seen it can believe its not wood. I definitely plan to do some more rooms in it in the future.

Thanks again."

P. Cronin

I just wanted to let you know that I loved working with your product.

The only thing I would change, would be to use a scarf joint instead of butting the flush ends together. I found that in finishing and touching up the joined ends, that a scarf joint leaves less area to caulk and finishes much cleaner than a butt joint.

That having bee said, i will be using your product again and I will recommend it to everyone I know who is a DIY'er.

Thanks again, and I will be ordering again soon."

P. Borriello
"Mike, just wanted to let you know that the project that I was working on turned out great. The So Simple Crown Molding is a great option for any room. It does look just like wood molding when applied and painted. I will definitely keep your product in mind when doing future updates to my home. I will also send anyone that is doing any renovations to their home your way."

D. McCracken
"I ordered crown molding from you a few weeks ago, and just finished installing it in my bedroom. My daughter helped me put it up, and I am amazed at how good it looks!! I painted it the same color as my trim (off white), and it looks exactly like wood. I can hardly believe the transformation and difference the molding made in my room. It was like the "frosting on the cake"! Just thought I would let you know that I am a very satisfied customer."

K. Brewer
"It's up, it's done and it looks gorgeous. I was able to match the seams perfectly and I caulked above and below the molding to seal some of the waves in the wall (old house). Now that I know how easy it is, and how good it looks, I'd like to do the rest of the house."

Laurie S, NJ
" I just finished installing my SoSimpleCrown molding in my dining room. It truly is "So simple". I loved that it was light weight so I could hang it by myself. With my special paint job to make the molding look like walnut wood, nobody could tell the difference.

I will definitely be recommending your product to my friends."

Susan R.
"Thanks SoSimpleCrown! The installation was very simple with the pre-cut corners!!! Thanks for the great product for a great price!!!

BTW -- My wife was hesitant about using the foam molding but now that it is complete she is 100% satisfied. "

"Over all I must say I am thrilled with the results and it is just what I wanted. I can't thank you enough for all your help and kindness. It goes way beyond good customer service and I will recommend you and your product to all my friends. In fact as I start on the rest of my rooms in my house I will be back !!
One VERY satisfied customer,

Kimberly L.
"I love it! It was simple for an old lady, "65" to do by myself..

I have my trusty tape ready for the next project...

Thanks for offering this wonderful product to the public..

Question: When I have more than five corner pieces to order, what is the cost?"

P. Gardner
"I have used So Simple Crown in 4 different rooms in my house and love the product. The process from layout to ordering to delivery to installation, is utterly "simple". The staff at So Simple Crown is the best at customer support. Great product, great price, great people. What a hit!"

"Wow, ours has been up for a year almost. We tell EVERYONE how easy it was and how wonderfully helpful you all are with measuring, cutting, and other advice. When I do it again you guys will be the ones to call."

Karen and Rich
"Mike -

I installed the dental crown molding over the weekend that you pre-cut for me. It looks great and the cuts you made were so close, minimal tweaks were made by me. The carpenters who built the cabinets in our home, could not believe how great the molding looked. They were amazed you cut it in CA and sent it to me and that it looks like I cut it all here. After the new year, I might order more molding for other rooms.

Thanks again.

"Thanks for all the help and information.  You guys made my purchase the most logical choice.  The moldings look absolutely fantastic and Kelly cannot believe I installed the crown molding myself!  Let me know if you ever want a reference or ..."

Andrew Klem
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