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Crown Molding F.A.Q's


Q: What are end caps?
A: End caps are a clean way of ending a row of molding on a wall.  It is really an outside corner that turns into the wall it is on.

Q: Do I have to hold the molding up while the caulking drys?
A: No.  The moldings are so light that the caulking is glue enough.  Once you push the molding into place it is up to stay and you still have about 15 minutes to readjust or move the crown molding.

Q: Once the crown molding is installed, how long will it stay adhered to the ceiling?  Will it come down like the plastic stuff?
A: Caulking is made to last. Once dry it is not coming down unless you tear it down.

Q: Why do we miter cut the end of the sticks?
A: We miter the ends of the sticks rather than make short corners as we did in the past. With the short corners there were extra seams in the wall and we had to charge for the corners because they consumed material. With the corners mitered on the ends of the crown molding lengths there are; less seams, most people find the install easier, and we don’t have to charge for corners. Customers actually suggested we do it that way, and so we listened and changed our program.

Q: Is SoSimpleCrown™ wood-alternative crown molding as sturdy as standard wood molding or MDF board?
A: Our crown moldings are made of polystyrene, industrial grade high-density polystyrene molding, and finished with our exclusive Skin-Tec™ process that ensures a smooth, hardened, and durable finish. Our opinion is that wood, up and out of reach on the ceiling is overkill, not to mention the headache of installation compared to SimpleCrown™.

Q: Can SoSimpleCrown™ be used with textured ceilings?
A: We have many satisfied customers that install our moldings on textured ceilings and with great results. Because textured ceilings vary so widely we suggest that you order a sample piece and try it out on the closet or some out of the way place to see if it will work with your situation.

Q: How long is a length of crown molding?
A: Each molding length is 6.5 feet or two meters.

Q: Are pre-cut corners available?
A: Our corner program is designed to minimize seams, so rather than sell you short 10 inch corners we miter the ends of the full length sticks so that your corner is built into the stick. Each corner requires 2 miters and that is why we are limited to only one free corner per two sticks.

Q: Can you ship the product to my home or do I buy it locally?
A: Because our Crown Molding product is so new, we have not established nationwide retail locations. As a result, we can ship you whatever quantities and customizations you prefer from our corporate office.

Q: Do you offer samples?
A: Yes, we can mail you Foam Crown Molding samples of specific molding styles. Simply add the styles you like to your cart and checkout and will ship out the Free Samples. A small shipping fee will apply.

Q: How do you install crown molding?
A: On the left side of this page simply watch the videos on how to install crown molding!! That is really the simplest way to see the product in action. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What is an inside corner? What is an outside corner?
A: A square room has four inside crown molding corners. It is typically where a spider spins its web. An outside corner is where a wall would intersect with a hallway, or the corner is pointing towards you.

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