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Styrofoam Crown Molding

So what is the deal with Styrofoam Crown Moldings?

The deal is, its not a big deal.  Styrofoam is now made with steam and not the CFC's of the 70's.  No off gassing, no environmental issues, and its recyclabel too.  Styrofoam is just simple cells of air squeezed together to form a structure.  Air is the best insulator and that is why styrofoam is great at insulating coolers, coffee cups, and now your home!  And best of all its perfect for crown molding! 

We even took it one step further and located our manufacturing  plant next to a steel factory.  Steel factories generate massive amounts of good clean steam which is what we use to run our manufactuing.  This keep our carbon footprint small and saves us a few Euros in the process!

Our customers love the results they achieve with SoSimpleCrown Styrofoam crown molding. Our product is a durable, light-weight and very easy crown molding to install.

Styrofoam crown molding will not warp or shrink like wood or MDF. Because it installs with just caulking you dont need a bunch of tools and saws to achieve profesional results. The surface of our moldings look nothing like styrofoam and once installed we challenge any person to tell the difference between our moldings and any wood product.  It comes bright white so half of our customers don't even paint the molding. If you do paint, in most cases all you need is one coat, and there is no need for primer.  You can achieve the look you want without the cost, time and headaches of wood crown molding.


Advantages of using Styrofoam Crown Molding


  • Our decorative styrofoam crown moldings have ornate details that others cannot achieve at our price point.
  • We offer free pre-cut corners. We also offer end caps and corner blocks as well.
  • Styrofoam molding can be painted with any color latex paint. No primer is needed.
  • Foam moldings install with caulking on any building surface including brick, block, plaster, stone, wall paper, glass, metal, wood, stucco, etc..
  • Our styrofoam moldings are easy to install, light weight.  Our heaviest 6.5 foot section of molding weighs less than a cell phone.
  • Our molding can be installed in a moist prone locations like basements, bathrooms and cellars.  No so with MDF, wood & PU.


We are truely the ultimate do-it-yourself crown molding.  Give us a try !
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