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Why Choose So Simple Crown

For starters it's easy. You don't have to work hard to achieve a great look. SoSimpleCrown™ applies easily, even to slightly imperfect walls. You won't have to deal with knots or imperfections of wood crown molding. We even offer pre-cut corners so you can install SoSimple Crown Moldings to any room quickly.

SoSimpleCrown™ is a high-density expanded polystyrene molded product. It is smooth formed (thanks to Skin-Tec™ technology) to make painting a breeze. Once installed it has the look and feel of traditional crown molding.

Here is a quick snap shot of the great advantages you enjoy…


  • Pre Cut Corners.... We cut the compound angles for you making installation....SIMPLE!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and installs with caulking - just apply and put into place
  • CUTS just like wood only easier - NO power tools, screws or nails required
  • 90-DEGREE Pre-cut corners are available for INSTANT INSTALLATION
  • PAINT ready - no need for primer, just paint with your favorite color of latex (water based) house paint
  • WILL NOT WARP and is moisture resistant so installation in bathrooms, basements AND kitchens is a breeze
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly with 1O PERCENT RECYCLED materials
  • DESIGNER Styles are available to ensure you are on the cutting edge of home decor

If you need more reasons, take a look at our before and after photos.

"I am not a big 'fix it upper' type person but I was so impressed by the ease of use and professional look of your product I just wanted to say thank you for making this project a reality." Beth & Brett, AZ

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All of our crown molding is made in USA.
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