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Faux Wood Crown Molding

Our customers love the results they achieve with SoSimpleCrown faux wood crown molding. Our product is a strong, light-weight simple crown molding that will not warp or shrink. It installs with caulk. No hammer or nails are needed. The surface of the molding features Skin Tec technology (a perfectly smooth surface) that makes painting a breeze. No primer is needed. Customers achieve the professional look without the cost, mess and headaches of wood or plastic crown molding installations.

There are significant differences between our simple crown molding and MDF/wood, polyurethane and plastic peel and stick / clip-on moldings. Below are some of the differences

  • Our faux wood crown moldings have details and styles that only a molded product can attain.
  • We offer pre-cut corners actually cut onto the ends of the faux wood crown molding for a seamless installation. (These are not corner blocks or molded plastic corners that need to be screwed or clipped onto the wall)
  • Our faux wood crown molding can be painted with any color latex paint. No primer is required. You can even faux paint them.
  • The plastic peel and stick crown molding is a shell. Plastic peel and stick molding have a tendency to fall off the wall.
  • Our faux wood crown molding is visually more appealing than plastic shell molding. Also, our molding looks as good or better than wood, MDF and polyurethane crown moldings,
  • Our faux wood moldings are easy to install, light weight. They are even used by some crown molding professionals and home builders across the country. It is extremely popular in Europe as well.
  • Our molding can be installed in a moist/wet location. Wood and MDF will warp and fall apart in moist locations. Our product will not warp or disintegrate when exposed to moisture.
  • No primer needed. No need to patch nail holes (common with wood, MDF and polyurethane crown molding installations).
Beautify every room in your home!. we make it easy..

Our customers love the results they achieve with SoSimpleCrown faux wood crown molding. Review the many testimonials that our customers have sent to us.

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